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Tish Wilhite literally grew up on the back of a horse!


Tish rode in her first Clovis Rodeo Parade at the age of 6 months old riding in front of her mother Jo. Tish started her riding career at the age of 3 when she began taking lessons from Mr. Troy Henry.















She has shown many equine disciplines over the years including, halter, western pleasure, equitation, hunter hack, trail, western riding, reining, cutting and her current discipline (and might add favorite!) that of showing the fast paced Reined Cow horses.


Tish is a former Miss Rodeo California and Miss Rodeo America Top Ten finalist.


She herself has trained with some of the “Greats” in the horse industry. Over the many years she has had the honor of riding with Lyn Anderson, Lance Johnston, Brandon Staebler, Todd Bergen and Morgan Cromer, just to name a few.


Tish has over $266,000.00 of earnings in the National Reined Cow Horse Association.


In October of this last year Tish decided to give up her Non Professional Status and start training for the public and giving riding lessons. She could not be happier about her decision, she says “It has given me a new “lease on life” in the horse world. I absolutely love working with the people and the amazing partners we have in this dance that we call the Reined Cow horse!!”


Tish is taking only a limited number of horses and clients in her venture. Tish says, "I only want to take what I can comfortably handle and devote my time to”, Sounds like a good plan to me! (but then I am her mother) 


Jo Wilhite.



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